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8 Signs Your Job Is a Healthy Working Environment

Workplaces are often painted to be spaces filled with negativity, toxic behaviors, and coworkers willing to do anything to climb the corporate ladder. However, this is hardly true for every company. Many companies champion positive work cultures and work hard to put their team members first. Read on for eight signs of positive workplace culture. 

1. Your Employer Prioritizes Their Employees

Employers of healthy workplaces prioritize the comfort and health of their employees. Instead of putting their company’s bottom line first, these employers care about their most valuable assets: the people working for them. In a workplace where employers are truly valued, they are allowed certain freedoms to maintain their mental, physical, and emotional well being.

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Employers that put their employees first are always willing to make changes to the workplace to ensure that their teammates are living well. Workplaces that care to foster a healthy company culture allow their employees to take breaks, work from home, bring dogs to work, and anything else that makes them perform at their best. 

2. Management Listens to Their Employees

Another sign of a healthy workplace is the willingness of employers to listen to their staff. Companies that are human-centered are always keen to seek out the comments and critiques of their workers by encouraging them to volunteer their opinions. Safe workplaces make it easy for employees to speak up and make a difference inside the company. 

By empowering their staff, employers are able to boost the morale of their staff. Workers that truly feel like their voice matters will work harder. Thus, employers that value their employees’ opinions will see an overall increase in productivity and performance. 

3. Leaders Are Transparent and Open

Workplaces that are healthy environments are built by employers that care about transparency. Too often, leaders in management positions work hard to create a culture where they disseminate information through a hierarchy on a need-to-know basis. As a way to combat this type of work culture, leaders should always aim to be open and transparent with their employers. 

Employees should never be left in the dark when it comes to details regarding the company’s future, inner workings, financial performance, and any other key information that can affect their livelihood. For example, if there is an issue regarding payments, employers should always be upfront and honest with their workers. In certain situations, failure to share information with their employees’ can be in violation of specific employment law. This is when it pays to contact an employment and labor attorney

If employers are in violation of their contract or employment law in any way, employers should contact an employment and labor attorney. An attorney will ensure that the employee’s rights are properly protected in this situation. 

4. Employers Champion the Entrepreneurial Spirit

In unhealthy work environments, employees will find that they are discouraged from thinking on their own or working with an entrepreneurial mindset. However, the best employers realize this entrepreneurial spirit is something that will take their workforce to the next level. To create this type of work environment, leaders need to treat their employees as equals.

Leaders must encourage their workers to think like entrepreneurs by being open to change and allowing their staff to think outside of the box. When employees realize they won’t be reprimanded for following their own visions, they’ll be more willing to communicate openly and work wholeheartedly.

5. They Enforce a Healthy Work-Life Balance

In order for employees to give their best in the workplace, there must be a healthy balance between work and home. Companies that care about creating a healthy corporate culture strive to create a healthy work-life balance. While this balance looks different for each person, many companies find that allowing their employees to work from home, set their own hours, and take paid vacations guarantees a healthier balance. 

Though every company may not have the resources to lavish luxury amenities on their employees, this isn’t necessary for a proper work-life balance. Many companies find that something as simple as having innovative break-out areas in the workplace is just as effective in helping establish this balance.

6. Everyone Believes in the Company

In companies with a healthy company culture, everyone on staff believes in everything the company stands for and are confident in their roles at work. These individuals understand what they’re working towards and are willing to give their all every day they go to work. This allows the workplace to flow seamlessly as everyone else is on the same page and happy to work together to help the company succeed. 

7. The Turnover Rate Is Low

If a company is constantly hiring and firing people, this is a definite red flag. Any company that is always looking for new hires likely has a high turnover rate, which is typically an indication that the workplace isn’t the healthiest environment. Alternatively, companies that have a low turnover rate are full of employees that truly love what they do and the company they work for. In this type of culture, employees rarely leave the company they love.

8. The Workplace Encourages Constructive Conflict Resolution

Great company cultures aren’t devoid of conflict. However, instead of engaging in toxic arguments or destructive criticism, employees that work in these environments are able to engage in constructive conflict resolution. While there may be certain issues that arise in the workplace, in a healthy company culture, employees and employers alike can discuss these issues calmly and cooly. In these types of workplaces, all team members are able to work out their differences and work collaboratively with one another. 

Not everyone loves what they do, but if you work in a place with a positive work culture, you’re well on your way to doing just that. The best workplaces prioritize their employees’ mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Keep this information in mind as you search for the perfect employment opportunity that will truly make you feel valued.

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